Team Projects.


Glow is a third person puzzle exploration game set in a submerged, underground lab in London. The player plays as Glow, a mythical, aquatic creature. The objective of the game is to traverse the darkness by posessing mirrors and manipulating a light beam, to locate and save Blossom, another one of Glow’s kind.

On this project, I was the lead narrative designer. This involved:

  • Conceptualising the level design, layout and setting.
  • Creating and implementing dialogue (initially through Fungus, then through an in-house dialogue system).
  • Creating documents in-game that players can access, such as reports, emails and newspaper articles.
  • Creating information boards about plants that the scientists experimented on in the lab the player is traversing.
  • Creating a world bible for our team to refer back to.
  • Running a Twitter and Itch page for our team.
  • Conducting playtests and compiling data from them.




Solo Projects.

The Rise of the Kral’dyr.

A Twine game where you explore Hutann, a small town in the middle of a forest in Zaenixar. Nothing seems to go on in Hutann, but is that statement accurate? This short piece shows off multiple different types of Game Writing:

  • Worldbuilding.
  • Dialogue.
  • Books and Journals.
  • A small, singular quest.

 It is made in both the Harlowe and Sugarcube language and features a world bible and a journal of development and research.



Xor: A Coward’s Tale.

A 2500 word script in the world of Zaenixar, many thousands of years after Earth was no more.

The main character is Xor, a shy Were-aardvark of whom is seeking a purpose in life. The world of Zaenixar is split in two: The Noble/Higher kind, and the Lesser. When a rebellion of the lesser kind is conceptualised, Xor hears the call to arms. But will he muster the courage to join, or hide with his tail between his legs?

Documentation (Script).

Fighting Fire with Fire.

Seth is a scientist by trade. He was always fascinated by mythology and the thought of being able to bring those creatures to life.

Four years ago, he lost his dear wife and young daughter to a nuclear accident. Seeing the volatile substance grow into threats of war and destruction, Seth set out on a quest to turn his curiosity and fantasies into a reality. This way he can become the hero his daughter always saw him as, and the one he was destined to be.

What could possibly go wrong?

This Project includes.

  • A game made with Inky.
  • Storyboards.
  • Design Document.
  • A short story that the game plays out.



The Mysterious Spell.

The Mysterious Spell is a World of Warcraft based original questline. It’s short and (mostly) lore-friendly. What happens when an innocent Draenei gets their hands on a dangerous spell?

This project includes:

  • A short story of how the quest could play out.
  • A design document, where the story is converted into quest journals, speech and obectives.
  • A Twine game.



Other work.

Writing Prompt Opening Scene High Level Wireframe.

A wireframe of an opening sequence to a narrative focused adventure game.

Inspired by this writing prompt found on Reddit. “You’ve suffered from early onset dementia and have recently been given an experimental cure. It works a little too well.”


Barks: “Go over there”.

Twelve bark lines for “Go over there” for two different game genres: An adventure/RPG game, and a First Person Shooter.